12 Ways To Entertain Your Dachshund When It’s Raining

o you have a dachshund that’ll do anything and everything to avoid going out in the rain? What can you do to keep him entertained when it’s wet and miserable outside?

Dachshunds need exercise, mental stimulation and fun so we’re going to give you some ideas for keeping your little sausage dog happy at home.

How do you entertain your dachshund when it’s raining? This is how you entertain your dachshund when it’s raining:

Play interactive games

Doggy games are fun for you and your dachshund. Interactive dog toys, brain training games and puzzles can easily be bought on Amazon. Dachshunds are hunting dogs by nature and love using their noses to sniff out hidden treats. These types of games challenge your dachshund and help them with learning and training.

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