14 Things Only Yorkie Owners Will Understand

Often referred to as “Yorkie,” the Yorkshire terrier is a high-maintenance and affectionate dog with a big personality.

Every owner can agree and attest to the vibrant personality of these dogs. Generally, Yorkshires are energetic though hilarious in some way.

This point nailed it!; they can get scared by their own shadow and run all around the compound.

However, there are several things that not everyone would enjoy being bound by them.

Though their owners are oblivious about them, they have to understand to push along well with their pups. These things are discussed below.

1. The shyness.

These dogs will feel comfortable only when around their immediate family members contrary to other breeds that will walk up to anyone as if they do not care.

A Yorkie may be quiet when in the presence of visitors and may opt not to play with visiting children.

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