8 Cute Ways Yorkies Show Affection

Rated 33rd on Top 100 Smartest Canines, we can assume that the Yorkshire Terrier is fairly intentional about the way they show love and affection. If you already own one of these little dogs or if you are just considering becoming a Yorkie owner, this article will give you a closer look at what makes them so special!

The typical Yorkie is sweet-natured and playful but proper socialization is key to having an affectionate Yorkie. Here, you can educate yourself on the reasons behind their little quirks and the sweet ways they display their affection.

Yorkies’ personalities really start to emerge between their second and third month. It is very important that they are properly socialized during this period. This is key in order for them to develop into more relaxed, affectionate, and loving dogs.

If your Yorkie isn’t properly socialized they may develop some of the following issues:

  • Scared of other dogs
  • Frightened of other humans and bark at strangers more often
  • Unable to play or interact normally with others
  • Unable to show affection as other Yorkies do
  • Exhibit other odd behaviors

Take that initial period to allow your Yorkie to develop properly, and it is more likely to display these 8 signs of affection and sweetness.

#1 Licking and Face Kisses

This one is not unique to Yorkies, but little dogs are notorious for being face kissers and loving to lick their owners.

The reasons that Yorkies love to use their tongues and lick are:

  • Instincts – Yorkie mothers lick their offspring, and this is how their puppies’ bodies are stimulated for circulation. The licking actually helps to keep them alive in those early stages, and it is a true canine-instinct that they don’t release with age.
  • They are communicating to you – they are probably telling you that they want attention, need a walk, or they might even just be hungry and smell something good on you.
  • Affection – most of the time their kisses are just for affection. They don’t have words, so you can imagine how much more powerful their sense of smell and taste are to them. They want to sniff you and be familiar with your scent for bonding and closeness.

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